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Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis Gensoumaden Saiyuuki

Many years ago, humans and demons lived in harmony. But that unity ended when demons started attacking humans and plotted a mission to unleash Gyumao—an evil demon imprisoned for thousands of years. Now, Genjo Sanzo, a rogue priest, must team up with three demons—Sha Gojyo, Son Goku, and Cho Hakkai—and embark on a perilous journey to the west to stop these demons from resurrecting Gyumao and restore the balance between humans and demons on Earth. (Source: ANN)

  • Alternative:幻想魔伝 最遊記
  • Episode:50
  • Genres:, , , ,
  • Release Date:Apr 4, 2000
  • Status:Completed
  • Duration:23 min per ep
  • Producers:Studio Pierrot,
  • Score:7.67
  • Subtitle:Indonesia
  • Views: 73 Views
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